Things I Love

Sometimes, you see something you just adore. Something you need in your life, almost more than breath itself. The things listed in this post...are not quite that important. They're still pretty great though, so it's time to share them with you!

1. Glitter Unicorn Necklace

$12 from
Check out this total cutie pegacorn! I have a soft spot for ponies of all kinds, rainbows, and glitter and this guy fits all three so perfectly!!

2. Blue Sequin Tank Top

$29.99 from
Glitter again guys, I know! What can I say? I love sparkles! I love all the hues in this tank, and the shape is sublime! Can you imagine the light catching perfectly on all those sequins on a snowy night? Of course you'd need a sweater too, so....

3. Drapeneck Cozy Cardi

$24.99 from
This cardigan looks snuggly, swingy, and soft! Those are all the things a stylish sweater should be!! It would look lovely over the sequin tank above or even just a cozy t-shirt! Put a skinny belt over the top? Tres chic!

4. You Never Forget Your First Doctor

$15.99-18.99 from
I would wear it over this comfy t-shirt. The ninth doctor was my first, but 10 is sublime. **nerdgasm** Any doctor's companion would be proud to wear this amazing tee!

5. Twilight Woods Fragrance Set

Currently $10.50-29.50 at
I'm not a huge Twilight fan, and I'm pretty sure based on the product design this was meant to appeal to fans of the genre. I'm still in love with this cozy, fall scent! It makes me feel like wrapping myself up in a fuzzy blanket and sipping chai tea. This scent comes in a variety of products and luckily this store always has sales.

So go out and stimulate our economy while looking smokin hot!!

Disclaimer: This was supposed to happen on Sunday but I lost track, so just an fyi the next posting this style will appear on Sunday.


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