Big Fat Summer Challenge

I'm thinking I'll do Jasifer's Lions Club's Big Fat Summer Challenge, just to push my comfort level a bit.

The challenge runs through July 31st, and she's running a contest on her blog (visit here for details) for who has the best outfits. Go join in the fun! I'm excited for some like the "Hi-Lo" challenge, but I won't lie, some of these sound really daunting to me. I'm 4' 11" so the "maxi skirt or dress" makes me think I'll be swimming in fabric, and don't even get me started on the cropped top! However, I will persevere (and maybe the cropped top challenge will motivate me to finally get off the couch!) How about you guys? Which challenge seems the scariest? Which would you enjoy tackling the most?


Malene said...

The cropped top and the bodycon scares me quite a bit. ;)
I'm actually looking forward to the maxidress though. Guess I like swimming in fabric. ;D

Good luck! Looking forward to following you in the challenge.

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