Big Words

There are a lot of big words for big girls. There are a million ways to describe us. Chunky, curvy, buxom, rubenesque, voluptuous, plus sized, big...and then there's fat. Fat is such an ugly word. What I have on my stomach? THAT is fat. Fat is what's on my arms, and my thighs, and my butt, and on the same places on every other normal person in this world. I might have a little more than other people, but I still get called beautiful. It might be in different places than it is on others, but that doesn't stop my fiance from loving me.

I've been called fat before, and it used to hurt, but I've realized something. I am not fat, the stored calories in my body are. I am not fat. I am Andrea. It's time for me, and everyone else who's felt this way, to realize that and start to live like themselves, not how other people tell them they look. C.S. Lewis said "You don't have a soul. You have a body. You are a soul." and I entirely agree with this.

I want to be defined by my mind, my words, how I treat others, and how I treat myself, not by the shape of my body. Yes, I am "curvy", but I'm also intelligent, caring, a great mother, sister, and friend, and an entire plethora of other word. Most of all, I am Andrea, and I'm opening my eyes every morning so proud to be who I am.


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