I love to dance. When I dance, I feel sexy, and talented, and beautiful, and confident. Confidence is a huge deal for me, because for so long I've worn ill fitting clothes, sports bras that don't really do anything, and skipped make-up and styling my hair on a daily basis because I didn't think it would make me look any better. I assumed people would look at my body and think I'm disgusting no matter what, so why would I put make-up on a pig? When I decided I didn't want to feel this way anymore, I needed something to force me into being proud of how I look.

I used to always put music on while I prepared for the day, and that's what started it. I straightened my bangs, put on the best sports bra I had (note: buy a normal bra), a black tank top with glittery rhinestone clasps, a pair of jeans that hugged my butt, and the best shoes in the world. I made a quick playlist of my favorite girly, pop songs with a great beat, and I pushed play. For maybe 20 minutes I just danced around the house, and sang. And it was silly. It was ridiculous. It was entirely humiliating, or it would've been if anyone were watching. It was just me though, and it made me realize that I am a pretty great dancer. Could I be that excited to shake my butt in public yet? I don't know, but I think that now, I would try. I can shake my tush just as well as any of the size four girls I see when I go out, I just have more to shake. And really, have you ever heard anybody say a little more booty is a bad thing?

So, get up right now, style your hair, put on a smoky eyeshadow and enough lip gloss to make glass look dull, and just dance. You are beautiful, and sexy, and when you move the joy stays with you after the playlist is over. Every step you take after that will be a catwalk strut to a sexy rhythm if you remind yourself of what you did. Because you are a superstar. You deserve to be that confident. Throw on a sassy scarf on your trip to Wal-mart! Find a pair of red tennis shoes to wear to the gym. Get an extra long super fashionable necklace and wear it to work. Find one item that you absolutely love, but have always been scared to wear, that makes you feel amazing, and buy it! Wear it when you dance every morning right after you wake up, and then slip it into your outfit somehow. Every time you see it, or touch it you'll be reminded of your fabulous moves from earlier, and then the strut starts.

If you're a stay-at-home mom, maybe you've fallen into the pattern I did. I'd shower if I needed to go somewhere, and wear the same shirt until it got spit up on. I'd stay in my pajamas until I needed to get the mail and I didn't care at all, then my mom told me something. It was something her grandmother told her. She said "Get up, shower, get dressed, do your make-up and hair, and make yourself look like you're going to leave the house for something important at least five days a week, and you'll feel so much better." I haven't always done it five days a week, but it does make me feel SO much more like an actual human being, and not just Mom-bot 500 Series.

So go dance! Go get gussied up, find your confidence item, and put on your 5 favorite songs and dance like you've never danced before. Dance with emotion, and style, and grace, and be the best, absolutely best you that you can be! Don't be embarrassed either, because someone, somewhere in the world is I'm sure at that exact moment dancing alone in their house too.


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