"It's been a very volatile year!" "...In the stock market?" "Yeah, sure."

Wow, so this month has been insane. So much good and so much bad happening around me all at once. My grandmother and step-uncle passed away. My grandmother's death is still really devastating to me at times. I'm so confused about it, it's hard to believe that someone who was once so vital, can quickly turn into a delusional shell, and then just...fade away. Her passing was beautiful, mom laid pansies on her chest. They were her favorite flower, and the last thing she planted in her garden before she got really sick. It looked way too much like she was just sleeping. I named my doula business after her, I think she'd like that.

Speaking of my doula stuff, I had an interview with a local hospital about a new volunteer doula program they're starting! It sounds like a great opportunity, I'm actually going there again tomorrow to do some orientation stuff. I also started a blog and facebook page for my business, so check them out!

Iris started walking and has two teeth now! She's too big, I want her to be this age forever.

We'll be moving soon, mid-August. I'm 90% sure I know where, but who knows what Nate has to say about that. He keeps changing his mind. The place I like has a pool, playground, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts and a fitness center with a sauna! I'd love to be able to start exercising, but that way even if I don't I can sit in the sauna and relax and come back all sweaty and say I did (just kidding!)

I learned how to crochet, it's a lot easier than knitting, but knitting is prettier. I'm not sure which I like more because of that, it's almost a toss-up.

I started playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and then just....nope. Too scary without Nate here! So I started playing Sword and Sworcery instead. Wow! Amazing game! Try it out, it's available on just about every system except the Virtual Boy! Also I purchased both games in the Humble Bundle, which I've talked about before. They're worth watching as well.

I'm going to try and push my limits as far as blogging goes, because I feel I've been unreliable. I'm going to try to actually use my social media accounts (twitter, tumblr etc) and blog here or on Franklin Birth and Prenatal every day, alternating days. Keep up with me, won't you?


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