Things I Love-Maurices

For this week's "Things I Love" we're going to focus on what's trendy now. I see black, grays, and silvers, along with quirky pairings of girly and masculine touches. I'm also featuing a store that's a favorite of mine, Maurices, which provides cute and fashionable items, in a variety of sizes and prices.

1. Burnout Cardiwrap
In vest or cardigan form, light airy wraps are a must have right now. I love this gray, it's moody, but still bright, and the pointed hem will look amazing on a pear shaped body.

Available for $32.00 from Maurices

2. Lace and Studd Tank Top

This tank elegantly flaunts feminine lace alongside manly brushstorkes of heather gray, and the swipe of studs glam up the shoulder, which is to die for.

$30.00 from Maurices

3.Ruched Black Skinny Pants

The black completes our color scheme, while the slim silhouette of the jeans adds a sexy edge to the look. I love the ruched ankles, they seem like they would accent a great heel.

$39.00 from Maurices

4. Peep Toe Ruffled Bootie

Okay so I couldn't resist. This outfit needed a pop of color, but could you resist these heels? I absolutely adore them! I, myself, can't wear heels, but I greatly envy those who can. I have such a shoe fetish, it's entirely unfair. You though, you buy these amazing heels!!

$39.00 from Maurices

5. Mixed Bangle Bracelets

There are a ton of wonderful bracelet sets on Maurices' website, in a variety of colors, but these were my favorite. I love the size contrast, so color pizazz takes a backseat to this classic black and silver set.

$16.00 from Maurices


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